Athletic Accident Claim Procedures

1. Complete an Incident Report within 24 hours of the accident and e-mail, fax or mail to Slo-Pitch Ontario. This can be completed by the League, Team or Player.



2. It is the responsibility of the insured to notify the SPO office of an injury and to request an Athletic Accident Claim Form within thirty (30) days of the accident.


3. The insured player or parent/guardian shall fully complete the Athletic Accident Claim Form.


4. For reimbursement of dental or medical claims, the insured shall have the attending dentist, physician or family physician complete the applicable portion of the Claim Form.


5. The insured shall submit the completed Claim Form to their League Executive or team manager for their signed certification.


6. The insured shall be responsible to forward the completed Form, together with any receipts or estimates, to the SPO office for approval and processing to the insurance company.


7. Forward completed Claim Forms and receipts to the Slo-Pitch Ontario office by email to, or by mail to 7-8 Hiscott Street, St. Catharines, ON, L2R 1C6.


8. The Group Policy Number will be added to the Claim Form by the SPO office prior to forwarding to the insurance company.


9. For claims requiring a specific report from a doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, etc., the insurance company will forward the necessary forms to you upon receipt of the completed Athletic Accident Claim Form.


10. The SPO office will forward all completed Claim Forms, along with receipts/estimates, to the insurance company.  The insurance company will be in direct contact with the insured if anything further is required once the Claim Form has been received.


PLEASE NOTE: Some reimbursements have limits and/or caps. This is NOT a LOSS OF WAGE or INCOME POLICY.


For more information or assistance, please contact the SPO office by calling (905) 646-7773, or by emailing