Why do I need to register?

It is important that you register and update your information in our Member Registration System for several reasons:

  • Insurance purposes - to ensure that you are Insured, you will need to complete your Profile.
  • Verification - to verify that you are in fact registered on the Teams that have added you as a Player. Failure to register your Profile information may result in you being unknowingly placed on a Roster of a Team that you do not actually play on.
  • Ranking - to be able to assist in correctly ranking yourself and your Team. This also assists us in expediting any future ranking Appeals that you may have.

What does it mean when it asks me to "Transfer" my information?

The system will ask you to "Transfer" your past information in order that we may keep accurate records for you in all your capacities..


Why is some of my old or new information already in this system?

Due to the fact that we have had an On-Line Registration system set up for the past 10 years, some or all of you information will already be on file. We do ask that you update and complete your profile information so that we have current records on file.


What division would I be?

When registering for the first time, we ask you what's the highest level you have played anywhere in the last 3 years. This means in any association or group. If you are unsure, here is a very basic scale as to how our divisions run:  E - Beginner; D - Some Experience; C - Experienced; B - Fairly Experienced; A - Very Experienced.



Why do I need to register my Team?

Your Team needs to be registered for insurance purposes. All Players must be added to the Team's Roster in order for them to be insured. Failure to register the Team Roster could result in the Team being ineligible for the insurance benefits offered.


What information do I need in order to register my Team?

You will need the following information from your Players:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address

Why is the Email address a mandatory field?

In the past, email addresses of the Players have been optional. However, in our new System, they are now mandatory. This is for two main reasons - Insurance and Privacy. When a Team Contact adds a Player to a Team, an email will be automatically sent to the Player to inform them that they have been added to that particular Team. If that Player has not already logged in, it will ask them to do so. Once you have logged in and "Claimed" your Profile, the System will show that Player as "Active". The Player will now have full control over their own personal Profile and their information is now private - meaning that the Player is the only one that can view and edit the address and information.


Who do I need to include on my Team to ensure we are registered correctly?

You will need to include Team Contacts, Secondary Team Contacts, Coaches and Players. If they are a Player and a Coach, you choose both "Roles" for them.


When do I need to have my Roster entered by?

Your Roster should be entered within two (2) weeks of it being registered. If your League has a Roster cut-off date, you must have your Roster entered prior to that date.


How can I enter my team into SPO Tournaments?

You can enter any of the SPO Tournaments by clicking on the "Event Registration" Quick Link in our Member Registration Centre. If you are having trouble entering your team, please feel free to contact our office for support.


How much does it cost to play in a tournament and how do I pay?

In order to play in an SPO sanctioned tournament, your team must first be registered with SPO, and then the only other fee is the actual tournament fee. The Tournament Entry Fee is paid directly to the Tournament Director.


Why am I being asked to pay for my team?

If the system is asking you to pay for a team it's because the team needs to be registered with SPO before being able to play. You have 2 options for this:

A) Fully Insured Team Membership Fee: You can pay a one time yearly fee and register your team with insurance for the entire season ($120); OR

B) Affiliate/Uninsured Team Membership Fee: You can pay to play in one tournament without insurance ($50). Should you decide to play in another tournament, you would have to either pay this fee again, or upgrade to the fully insured membership ($70).


Note: If you plan on playing in the SPO Provincial Championships, your team MUST be a fully registered and insured team.


If you need any assistance with this, please contact our office for support.



How do I register my League?

For past and existing Leagues:

When you sign in to our Member Registration Centre, your HOME page will show all of your information. In the "My Leagues" section, your League will appear. Click on the name of your League to bring up all of your past league information. Add or Remove teams as necessary and then choose "Submit Payment".

If your League does not appear on this page, please do not create a New League! Please contact our Office for assistance. Most likely, your League is in our System and we can transfer it over to you in order to save you the work of entering all the information again!

For New Leagues:

Please go to our Member Registration Centre and either login, or sign up as a New User (if you do not already have a Profile set up). You will then choose "Create League" from the Quick Links area on the left-hand side and continue to complete the information.


Why am I registering as an Individual and not as a League?

You do need to register as an individual or Player as it states in order to set up a personal Profile for yourself. Once you do this, you will see the League(s) that you are associated with, any Teams that you play on (if you play) and even the Events that you run and intend to play in. All of your information is in one area now, on your own Profile.


Where do I see my League information?

You will see an area on your Profile's "Home" page that says "My Leagues". Simply click on the League name and you will see all of your League information and the Teams registered.


What is the cost to register my League?

For the 2016 season, the cost to register your League is $100 + HST, per team. The insurance coverage is issued from March 1st to March 1st each year.


What information do I need to register my League?

You will need the following:

  • Team Name and Last Year's Team Name, if applicable
  • Team Contact information: First & Last Name, Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Birthdate.

Who is responsible for entering the rosters?

Rosters must be completed for insurance purposes. It is the responsibility of the team contact



Where do I submit a Tournament to be sanctioned by SPO?

You can submit a Tournament when you are logged into your Profile simply by clicking on the "Create Event" link on the left-hand side.


How much does it cost to run a Tournament with SPO?

The cost to submit the application is $150.00 + HST.


When will I know if my Tournament has been sanctioned?

When your Tournament has been sanctioned, you will receive an email advising that has happened, and it will show as Sanctioned in your "My Events" area on the Home page of your Profile.


How do I see my Tournament information?

Your Tournament information will be listed on the "Home" page of your Profile in the "My Events" area. Simply click on the name of the Event to get particulars.


How will Teams register for my Tournament?

Teams can register for your Tournament through our Member Registration Centre, or by contacting you by telephone or email.


Where do the Teams pay for my Tournament?

The Teams will pay your Tournament Entry Fee and any outstanding SPO Membership Fee to you. The SPO Membership Fee can be paid prior to your Tournament through our Member Registration Centre, right when they register.