Hall of Fame (Est. 1996)

Slo-Pitch Ontario officially opened its Hall of Fame at the 1996 Annual General Meeting, held in St. Catharines, Ontario. In its inaugural year, the Selection Committee symbolically chose only one person to induct into the Hall... That person was Chuck Peet, the founding father of Slo-Pitch Ontario.





Chuck Peet

St Catharines Organizer/Builder
1999 Danny Adamson Stoney Creek


  Don Bowers St Catharines Organizer/Builder
  Bill Cowie Brampton Organizer/Builder
  Bob Weedon Chatham Organizer/Builder
  Labatt Breweries Ontario Organizer Builder
2000 Ken Benjamin London Organizer/Builder
  Sue Regan London Player
2001 Irv Fast St Catharines Organizer/Builder
  Dana McKiel Toronto Organizer/Builder
  Pete McKiel Toronto Organizer/Builder
2003 Bob Hanson Windsor Organizer/Builder
2005 Fred Ward Dorchester Organizer/Builder
2006 Bernard White Ottawa Organizer/Builder
2007 Nick Owen Barrie Organizer/Builder
2008 Bernie Hough Kearney Organizer/Builder
  Toronto Orioles Toronto Team
2011 Randy Beatty  Rawlings/Worth/Miken Organizer/Builder
2012 Mike McColman  Thessalon


2013 Jack Van Bynen London


2015 Gary Baker Kingsville


2016 John Ariss Burlington


  Ron Hawthorne Kanata


2017 Neil Teague Milton



This is a very honourable achievement and sincere congratulations are extended to all.



The purpose of the SPO Hall of Fame shall be to honour and remember those men and women who played a significant role in the development and growth of slo-pitch in a number of categories:



Outstanding Ontario amateur slo-pitch athletes who have represented slo-pitch softball with distinction in athletic competition or whose example has brought great credit to slo-pitch softball and high respect for the individual, participated at the Provincial/National level.



Person who has rendered prolonged or meritorious service to slo-pitch softball for a minimum of 10 years.



Person who had an active umpiring career for a minimum of 10 years (including 5 Provincial/National Championships). 



Sportsmen/women of Ontario who have rendered prolonged and meritorious service to slo-pitch softball with a minimum of 15 years of active involvement. (Could also be a team sponsor, convenor or director.)


Team Category

A team having an outstanding record over a minimum of 3 years.


General Provisions

Successful applicants for the Hall of Fame will be inducted at the Hall of Fame Luncheon at the Annual General Meeting of Slo-Pitch Ontario Association.  All applications approved by the Selection Committee shall be forwarded for final approval to the Board of Directors of Slo-Pitch Ontario, with a recommendation for enrollment in the Hall of Fame.


Nominations may originate with a club, an association or individual. No more than two (2) nominations may be presented from each Zone. No more than five (5) candidates (no more than three (3) in one category) each year shall be selected.


Nomination forms and additional information are available from the SPO office. Written nominations must be accompanied by documents detailing, as greatly as possible, the athletic accomplishments or the service record or both of the person(s) nominated and accompanied by one or more photographs of the nominee(s). Nominations must be in the hands of the Committee no later than October 1st each year.


All candidates must be a member in good standing. Candidates not accepted, may be resubmitted the following year. A candidate may be nominated a maximum of three (3) times. After the third nomination, his/her name is removed from further Hall of Fame consideration and cannot be resubmitted for a minimum of five (5) years. 


For more information, please call the SPO office at (905) 646-7773.