The basics...

When registered with SPO, all Rostered Players are covered by liability insurance, and have secondary accident and health insurance coverage. Executive liability insurance is also included for registered Leagues.  



To be covered...

Please ensure that your League or Team is registered and paid for, and the Team's Roster has been submitted to the SPO office. If you are not certain about the status of your registration, please contact the Office and we can help you.



In the event of an injury, please ensure that an Incident Report is completed and is sent to the SPO office within thirty (30) days. All deductibles are paid by Slo-Pitch Ontario. Please keep in mind, as with all insurance policies, some of the reimbursements do have caps and limits and this is not a loss of wage policy.



Why Liability Insurance?

If you volunteer to help manage a local slo-pitch league, play, or even coach a team, you do so because you love the game and want to be involved. Being sued is not something you want!


No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. And you can be sued by anyone who claims injury or damages resulting from your activities. You may not be liable, but you will need to be defended in court. The average recreational sports injury loss is $150,000! Without the proper insurance coverage this can turn out to be an out-of-pocket expense for the volunteer or Player that is involved. Most homeowners, personal, or Coach certification policies, do not cover lawsuits that arise out of your actions as a sports volunteer. Our liability insurance can give you peace of mind.


What does SPO's Insurance Program cover? 

In a nutshell, a full SPO Membership includes: 

  • $5,000,000 general liability insurance coverage for all rostered Players
  • $2,000,000 liability insurance coverage for all Members of the League Executive
  • Secondary accident and health insurance coverage for all Players
  • Liquor liability for League Banquets and Annual General Meetings
  • Activities covered include sanctioned or authorized events, including related training within your sports discipline

Who is Insured?

Any Association or League registered with SPO is insured under the liability program offered through Chartis Insurance. The only requirement is that 100% of members within each association must participate.


Who is Covered?

All members of your organization, including members, executives, managers, coaches, trainers, officials, employees and volunteers while acting within the scope of their duties on your behalf are covered.


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Why should we choose SPO?


Because we offer the best price available anywhere for the most comprehensive coverage. We have a large number of Members so we can negotiate the lowest prices for the best coverage on your behalf.


You're covered. SPO insurance covers you for off-premises practices, games, banquets and certain non-sports outings.


You get protection and peace of mind.  The last thing you want is for a Volunteer to lose everything they have in a lawsuit. Not all insurance policies are created equal. Being a non-profit association in business for over 30 years, we are here to protect our Members. Nationally, over 90% of all sports and recreation insurance policies contain fatal coverage flaws that leave you dangerously exposed. Our Insurance Program has been designed to meet or exceed certain minimum recommendations.


We're easy to do business with! Our full-time office staff is available to you to help you through the Claims process. We’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you every step of the way.


Prompt And Fair Claims Payment. We work hard to ensure that your Claim is processed as quickly as possible and according to the guidelines of the Policy.


Why can't we just use the Municipality Insurance?

Protect yourself and understand what you are covered for! The standard General Liability policy carried by a Recreation Department or a Municipality, only covers the Recreation Department and its directors, officers and employees. It may or may not cover sports volunteers working directly on behalf of the Recreation Department. In addition, individual leagues using the facilities are definitely not covered!


Even if sports volunteers are covered under the Recreation Department's General Liability Policy, there may be limitations. For example, there may be no coverage for off-premises practices, games or non-sports outings.


As well, many General Liability policies carried by Municipal Recreation Departments have dangerous loopholes such as an Athletic Participants Exclusion, Punitive Damages Exclusion, and a Sex Abuse/Molestation Exclusion.


Please note that most Municipality insurance does not include the following coverages:

  • Participant Coverage
  • Participant to Participant Coverage
  • Liquor Liability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage
  • Injuries

As well, you may have:

  • High deductibles
  • Difficulty in securing Certificates of Insurance
  • No defence in the event of a lawsuit

This means that even though you have purchased a Policy through the City or Town where you reside, you will not be covered should your Players be injured or you are sued!


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