Provincial Championship Tournament Rules

All games will be governed by Softball Canada Rules with SPO Amendments and SPO Tournament Operating Rules and Guidelines. All team members and supporters must adhere to the SPO Code of Conduct.


All players must register with photo ID prior to participating. Any player found playing prior to registering will be removed from that game and subject to a further review. ID's may be checked at any time. Players must have identification with them at every game. NO I.D. = NO PLAY.


No practice on the infield before any game. Start game - 3 pitches. Between innings - 1 pitch, no infield ball.


Teams must be prepared to play up to 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time. Teams must have a minimum of 10 (Coed (6/4): 6 males/4 females; Coed 3-Pitch: Minimum 4 females) to start and continue the game. Any grace period shall be at the discretion of SPO site personnel. The Short-Handed Rule (as described in the Playing Procedures found in the Handbook) will be used.


Teams should check the official drawboards located at the Complex after each game to confirm time and location of their next game.


Coed batting order must alternate sexes with the exception that no more than 2 males may ever bat back to back. Coed (6/4) and 3-Pitch will have 10 fielders, with a maximum of 6 males and the batting order must have a minimum of 4 females.


Home team will be decided by the flip of a coin. Home team score sheet will be deemed as the official score sheet for the game.


Line-up cards will be used in all games and must be presented to the Umpire at the pre-game meeting. FULL NAMES are to be used. They become official when accepted by the Umpire at the pre-game meeting. Only players listed (starters and substitutes) are eligible to play in that game. Names may NOT be added after the line-up becomes official. The score sheet must use the FULL NAME of the players as listed on the lineup card.


Mercy rule is 12 or more runs after 5 innings (6 if the visiting team is ahead, or 4½, 5½ or 6½ if the home team). A team may voluntarily withdraw if down by 15 or more runs after 3 innings (2½ if home team is ahead). All E Divisions & Seniors 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+ & 70+: A maximum of 5 runs per inning may be scored. (Exception: 7th inning and, in the event of a tie after the 7th inning, any subsequent inning.) A team 17 or more runs ahead after 4 innings (3½ if home team) shall be declared winner.


Games tied at the end of 7 innings will use the Tie Breaker rule at the start of the 8th inning.


Games suspended by weather or darkness will be continued from the point where they were suspended. Exception: If the game cannot be resumed within two hours of stopping time, regular complete game rules may apply.


After each game the Coach of the winning team is responsible to ensure that the score reported to the Headquarters within 15 minutes of the completion of the game. If there is any question regarding the result, no argument will be accepted if the score has not been reported via this procedure.


All Rule interpretation Protests must be reported to the Umpire before the next pitch or before all defensive players have left the playing field. These Protests will be dealt with immediately before the game will continue. For other Protests (eligibility, etc.) the protesting team must notify the Umpire of their intent prior to the Umpire leaving the playing field. Upon notification, the game will continue. The protesting team must present a completed official Protest Form to an SPO Official immediately following the game. All Protests must be accompanied by a $150.00 Protest Fee (cash). See Pages 48-50 of the 2016-2017 Official Slo-Pitch Handbook of Slo-Pitch Ontario for full procedural details.


Any Player or team representative ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike behaviour will be immediately suspended for a minimum of one (1) additional game. If the offence is flagrant or a second offence, the suspension is for the entire Tournament with further review by SPO.


Jewellery - Player is solely responsible for any injury/damage that may be caused by his/her wearing of jewellery. An Umpire may have any player remove any jewellery or equipment he/she may deem dangerous. Refusal to comply is an immediate suspension. Knee braces must be covered.


All teams are required to have matching uniform tops with identifying numbers no less than 4 inches in size. This is non-protestable.


Legal bats for the 2017 SPO Worth Provincial Championships must be marked with the new USSSA Thumbprint logo (on the taper of the barrel).  Use of a non-legal bat will result in the ejection of the player and suspension from the remainder of the Tournament. Bats may be compression tested at any time during the Tournament at the sole discretion of SPO personnel.


Courtesy Runners - A team may use a maximum of 3 courtesy runners per game. Exception: Masters 35+ & 40+, 50+ & 55+ (7 per game - same runner cannot run twice), and 60+, 65+ & 70+ (Unlimited - A runner may run only once per inning.). The courtesy runner may be any player of the official Roster and listed on the official lineup.


A 2' x 3' mat will be used.


All Masters /  All Seniors / All Coed / All D & E Divisions will use a safe line at home plate and a commitment line.


A player may participate in ONE (1) Mens or Womens team in the Provincial Championships. They may also play on ONE (1) Masters AND/OR ONE (1) Coed team. Note: Players playing in a second and/or third category must play in the same division or one division lower. To view allowed divisions, click here.  Please Note: The Provincial Championships are played over multiple weekends, but is considered one Tournament/Event.


Home Run Rule is in effect (over the fence home runs). The limits are as follows:


Mens:  A - 7; B - 5; C - 3; D - 2; E - 1.

Womens:  A - 7; B - 5, C - 3, D - 2, E- 1.


Mens Masters 35+, 40+:  Competitive - 5; Intermediate - 3; Recreational - 1.

Mens Masters 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+: 3.


Womens Masters and Seniors: 2.


Coed:  A - 5; B - 5; C - 3; D - 2; E -1; 3-Pitch - 0.


Mens A, B and C, Womens A, B and C, Mens Masters 35+ and 40+, 50+ (Competitive and Intermediate) and 55+, and Coed A and B divisions: Batters will start with a count of 1 ball and 1 strike (1-1).


Tournament organizers reserve the right to make decisions perceived to be in the best interest of the Tournament.


Alcohol may not be present in or near the team area and Players may not consume alcoholic beverages during a game.