Guidelines & Requirements

You can login to the Member Registration Centre at any time and create your Event(s).  This should be done in lots of time before your Event!

  • The Tournament Administration Fee is just $150 (plus tax) and can be paid by credit card, EMT or cheque.
  • If a Tournament is cancelled for any reason, the Tournament Administration Fee, less a $25.00 administration charge, will be refunded upon request.
  • All Tournament Directors MUST provide proof of $5 Million Host Liquor Liability Insurance prior to the Tournament. Please call the SPO Office for cost and details.
  • All teams participating in a Tournament MUST be registered members of SPO prior to playing in the Tournament. Tournament Directors are responsible for paying any fees owing for any team that was not registered at their Tournament, which fee may be levied against the Tournament Director any time after the Tournament. If the Tournament Director is not successful in collecting the money from any team, the Tournament Directors may notify the SPO Office of the offending team(s) and a letter or email will be sent advising the team(s) of their suspension until the Tournament Director is paid.  If the money is sent to the SPO Office, the Tournament Director will be reimbursed accordingly.
  • Tournament Directors must use our Member Registration Centre. Guides to assist you are available, and the Office is always available to answer any questions or walk you through any processes.
  • The top fifty percent (50%) of the teams in each division will be given a Qualifier for that year's Provincial Championships. Discretionary Qualifiers will be supplied to the Tournament Director and may be given to any team(s) that did not qualify, but actively support the SPO Program.
  • Travel Expense monies are at the discretion of the Tournament Director and we trust you will be fair in this area. 
  • SPO Approved Umpires (carded through Softball Ontario) MUST be used in all Tournaments (NO EXCEPTIONS). The SPO Office can help the Tournament Director with contacts for Umpires. 
  • Tournament Schedules/Draw Boards, with Awards and Travel Expenses listed for each division, and any special exceptions to the Rules, must be posted prior to the start of the Tournament.
  • The Official Slo-Pitch Handbook will be utilized. We understand certain local rule exceptions may be used. If so, please outline them on your tournament flyer. Local Rule adjustments must be brought to the attention of the entire Umpire Crew and teams so all participants are clear of all Rules.  Please refer to the SPO Handbook for Tournament Operating Rules & Guidelines and Playing Procedures.
  • Tournament Results and any fees that may be owing must be received by the SPO Office within five (5) days of the completion of the Tournament.  
  • All tournament-advertising flyers must be approved by SPO prior to any distribution by the Tournament Director.
  • Only SPO-approved Worth Ball(s) must be used in all Tournaments.  

Agree? Great! To apply, please Login to your SPO Member Profile and Click on the "Create Event" Link in the Quick Links Area and let's get started!