Team Rating Appeal

Team ratings are done to allow for teams to participate in competitive events against teams of similar ability. Team fundamentals, such as utilizing the various cut-off procedures, baserunning skills, hitting behind the runners, and utilizing proper skills in specific game situations, are some of the concepts used in rating a team. By competing against other teams, both in tournaments and league play, a team and its players demonstrates their relative capabilities. Success or lack of success with other teams from the same or different divisions in these competitions assists in the overall rating of a team.


SPO is committed in its efforts to ensure that all divisions remain competitive and that teams are competing in the appropriate division for their level of ball playing skills.


Please note Team Rating Appeals for the 2018 season will now be accepted for consideration and will be reviewed starting in January. Due to the volume of requests received, please allow 2-4 weeks for a decision.


The Appeal Criteria and Process, which was approved at our 2015 Annual General Meeting, is as follows:


►   Any Player on a Team whose division is reclassified to a higher division based on a performance review, will maintain the reclassified rating for a minimum of one (1) year.


►   A Player in one division can play only in that division and one division lower. Exception: A Player who appeals their rating and the appeal is granted, cannot play in a division lower for the season in which the appeal is granted. This includes both single sex and Coed divisions.


►   A Team (other than as above) may appeal its classification by submitting the on-line form at any time between December 1st to April 30th only. 


►   Any Player (other than as above) may appeal his or her rating by submitting the on-line form at any time between December 1st to April 30th only.


Should you have any questions with respect to these new Policies, please contact the Office by email or call (905) 646-7773.