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2018 Super Series Team Reclassifications

Monday, October 22, 2018

With SPO gearing up for the 2019 season, there are going to be a few new Super Series Policies and Guidelines introduced this coming season. We hope to have them finalized by December 1st. At that time, we also hope to have a tentative Schedule released.

Two of the new Guidelines are listed below. Guideline #1 is to stop player movement mid-season in the A division. June 1st is more than enough time for the teams to finalize their Rosters. Guideline #2 is to protect the Rosters of the B division teams that have been moved up. It is our hope that this will keep the teams that have been moved up, more competitive in A.

Mens Teams 2019 Reclassifications:

B to A
Pylons, Generals, Bisons, Rockies

C to B
Bomb Squad, Aftermath, Braves, KW Astros, Maple City Marlins, Dugout Mafia, Windsor Nationals, Peaky Blinders

Womens Teams 2019 Reclassifications:

B to A
Lady Royals, Lady Pirates

C to B


1 - Team Rosters are frozen June 1st for Mens and Womens A Divisions. If a Player wants to find a new team after that date, they would have to look to a B Division team that could accommodate them.

2 - Current A Division teams cannot pick up any Players from B Division teams that have been moved up. This would only be for the current season.

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