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'DE'rby Series: Event #1 - Windsor

Welcome to First Leg of The DErby Series Event,

@ Co-An Park, McGregor

Fee: $400 / team, ( 3 game Guarantee )

Mens & Womens D & E

Co-ED D & E

Additionally offering Co-Ed Open based on interest,  

*All Players/ Coaches MUST be registered with SPO,

Prizes and Prize Money will be awarded based on # of Teams, for Top 3 places.

Additionally this is one of six points-based event. Participating teams will earn points based on their performance in each Event.

Winners/ Highest Point earners will Qualify for Sept 10-11 Championship Weekend


Tom Hebert  -

Jeff Sorrell -

Kevin LeClair -

Register HERE

Saturday, May 21, 2022 - 09:00