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What division can I play in?

SPO requires that a player in one division (or level of play) can only play in that division or one division lower.
Exception: A player who appeals their rating and the appeal is grated, cannot play in a division lower for the seaon in which the appeal is granted. This includes teams in other categories (ie. Coed, Masters) (By-Law 19.6).

To assist in determining which divisions are acceptable, please refer to the following table:

A Player in This Division May Play in One (1) of These Divisions AND/OR One (1) of These Divisions
Mens Coed Masters
A A, B Competitive*, Intermediate*
B A, B, C Competitive*, Intermediate*
C A, B, C, D Competitive, Intermediate
D C, D, E Intermediate, Recreational
E D, E Intermediate, Recreational
Womens Coed Womens Masters
A A, B Yes*
B A, B, C Yes*
C A, B, C, D Yes*
D C, D, E Yes
E D, E Yes
Masters Coed  
Competitive A, B, C  
Intermediate A, B, C, D, E  
Recreational C, D, E  

*There are limits for the number of Mens A, Mens B, Mens C, Womens A, and Womens B players allowed on a Masters team (By-Law 19.6, as may be amended)

Player Rating Reclassification Requests

Requests for Reclassification are open only from December 1st to April 30th each year, and some terms, conditions, policies and guidelines may apply.