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What division can I play in?

SPO requires that a player in one division (or level of play) can only play in that division or one division lower.
Exception: A player who appeals their rating and the appeal is grated, cannot play in a division lower for the seaon in which the appeal is granted. This includes teams in other categories (ie. Coed, Masters) (By-Law 19.6).

To assist in determining which divisions are acceptable, please refer to the following table:

A Player in This Division May Play in One (1) of These Divisions AND/OR One (1) of These Divisions
Mens Coed Masters
A A, B Competitive*, Intermediate*
B A, B, C Competitive*, Intermediate*
C A, B, C, D Competitive, Intermediate
D C, D, E Intermediate, Recreational
E D, E Intermediate, Recreational
Womens Coed Womens Masters
A A, B Yes*
B A, B, C Yes*
C A, B, C, D Yes*
D C, D, E Yes
E D, E Yes
Masters Coed  
Competitive A, B, C  
Intermediate A, B, C, D, E  
Recreational C, D, E  

*There are limits for the number of Mens A, Mens B, Mens C, Womens A, and Womens B players allowed on a Masters team (By-Law 19.6, as may be amended)

Player Rating Reclassification Requests

A request for a Rating reclassification can only be made from December 1st to April 30th each year and must be done by completing and submitting the on-line form provided below.

Some terms, conditions, policies and guidelines may apply.

Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for a decision. 

Player Reclassification Request Form