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Super Series

The Miken Super Series is a series of weekend slo-pitch tournaments to provide Mens A, B, and C, and Womens A and B/C teams an opportunity to play on set weekends, in a consistent and structured Program, earning points to determine divisional Super Series Champions each year.

The Super Series was originally created over 20 years ago in an effort to provide Mens A and Womens A teams an opportunity to compete on a regular basis. Within just a few short years, it grew to be one of the most coveted Series by the most competitive and elite players in the sport of slo-pitch north of the border, and was expanded to include divisions for Mens C teams, and Womens B/C teams. 

Year after year, the commitment and determination that these teams show to be a part of this Series is legendary, and over 60 mens and womens teams participate nearly every other weekend in the summer in order to vie for the title of Super Series Champion - and even for a shot at competing for Gold at the Senior Men's and Women's Canadian Slo-Pitch Championships!

2020 Schedule

2019 Guidelines

NEW for 2019! There will be no Super Series Team Registration & Program fee. All Players in the Super Series Program must be registered as a Super Series Player. The Super Series Player Registration Fee is $20 (including tax). This fee includes liability insurance and secondary accident and health insurance coverage for each Player. Only Players registered as Super Series Players are eligible to participate in the Super Series.

There are no changes to the Entry Fees. The Entry Fee for each regular Miken Super Series Event for Mens A, B, and C teams will remain $425 (including tax). The Entry Fee for Womens A and B/C teams will remain $375 (tax included). Entry into each Event must be done through the SPO MRS.

Tournament Entries and payment for all Events must be received by SPO no later than 10:00 pm on the Sunday of the week before an Event. Teams may be accepted after the deadline only if it is convenient to the Schedule, and a $100.00 late fee will apply. Teams that have entered but not paid by the deadline will not be put in the schedule. 

NEW THIS YEAR FOR EMT's: Please use the Password 2019SS and be sure to specify your Team Name, Division and the Event, especially if someone other than the Team Contact is providing payment.  

Travel Expenses
Mens A, B, C: $125 from each team's Entry Fee will be designated for Travel Expense prize money. $100 of this will be distributed to the top teams of each Event (as designated in the Super Series Awards Guidelines) and $25 will be used for Travel Expense prize money for the top finishers of the Super Series Championship.

Womens A, B/C: $100 from each team's Entry Fee will be designated for Travel Expense prize money. $75 of this will be distributed to the top teams of each Event and $25 will be used for Travel Expense prize money for the top finishers of the Super Series Championship.

Mens: The tournament format for Events with 6 or more teams will be the SPO modified double-knockout (3-game guarantee).
Womens: For 5 teams or less, the tournament format will be a round robin, 4-game guarantee, page play-off format.

SPO will do the scheduling of all Events. Schedules will be posted on the website no later than the Wednesday prior to the Event.

All Divisions: Two (2) Umpires will be scheduled for each game.

Only registered Super Series Players may be added to a Super Series Team. Returning Super Series Players will be prompted on their first log in of the season to complete their Super Series Registration. New Players have the option to register as a Super Series Player once they are logged in and Active for the season. If a Player does not appear in your Search, they have not yet completed their Registration. Please do not create a new Profile. Any duplicate Profiles created will be deleted and may affect a Player's eligibility to compete in an Event.

Rosters must comply with the Super Series Team Classification Policy.

Rosters for Mens A and B teams may consist of a maximum 17 Players.

Rosters for Mens C and Womens B/C teams may consist of a maximum 20 Players.

Rosters for Womens A teams may be 17 players, with 3 Affiliate Players. These three (3) Affiliate Players can come from anywhere, with the exception of from the B/C Series teams. The 3 Affiliate Players can only play if the team is below 14 Players for an Event. Playing in the Event will not affect an Affiliate Player's current rating and they can continue to play with their non-Super Series team. Only registered Affiliate Players may be added. Players may register themselves as such once they are logged in and Active for the season. There is no charge for registration as an Affiliate Player. 

All Rosters are frozen after July 1st and no further changes will be permitted.

Each person on the team's Official Roster must be an Active Member of SPO in order to be eligible to participate.

Players may sign with only one (1) Super Series team. Prior to July 1st, a Player may request a Release from their Team. If released by the Team Contact, he/she may sign with another Team, provided that Team has a Roster place available and all eligibility requirements are met.

A request for a Player Release must be submitted to the SPO Office for approval. Players may not play for a new Super Series Team until their Release has been received and approved by the Super Series Committee. A Player will be allowed only one (1) Release per year.

If a Team has less than 12 Players in attendance at an Event, they may use up to two of their registered Coaches as emergency Players. This must be declared prior to the start of the game. If a Coach participates in more than two (2) Events, he/she must complete their Super Series Player Registration and be added as a Super Series Player to the Team's Official Roster.

If a Team ceases operation prior to July 1st, any rostered Players desiring to continue participating in Super Series Events may request to be made available through a dispersal draft involving any appropriate level teams that have a Roster place available.

Use of an Ineligible Player by a Team will result in the following: (1) a loss of all Super Series points; (2) suspension of all Players, Managers and Coaches for the remainder of the season; and (3) a further review by the SPO Disciplinary Committee.

Roster Changes
Rosters for all Teams will become Official after the second Event in each respective division. After the end of the second Event in a respective division, and prior to July 1st, any changes made to the Official Roster must be done through the SPO office. There is a $15 fee per Player to add Players to the Official Roster. All Roster additions must be approved by SPO prior to the Player participating on the new Team. 

All Rosters are frozen for the remainder of the season on July 1st and no further changes will be allowed.

If you have any questions regarding Roster changes, please email us at

Point Structure
The following Point Structure will be used for all Mens divisions and womens divisions using the modified double knockout format:
1) Play-in game - 1 point for winner, 0 points for loser
2) All Winner's side games - 2 points for winner, 1 point for loser
3) All Loser's side games - 1 point winner, 0 points loser
4) All Final games - 2 points for winner, 1 point for loser
5) Winner of Event - 2 points
6) Participation - 5 points

The following Point Structure will be used for Womens divisions with a round robin format:
1st - 13 points;
2nd - 11 points;
3rd - 9 points;
4th - 7 points;
Participation - 5 points.

Any team, after competing in an Event, that subsequently forfeits the start of a game during that Event will be suspended from the remainder of the Event and will receive no Points.

Miken Super Series Standings will be used for seeding of the top Teams at the Eliminations and the Provincial Championships.

Participation Requirement
Mens teams must compete in 4 Events (one must be the Provincials) to be eligible for the Miken Super Series Championship.

Womens teams must compete in 3 Events (one must be the Provincials) to be eligible for the Miken Super Series Championships.

2019 Super Series Rules & Procedures

Player Rating Reclassification Form

Requests for Reclassification are open only from December 1st to April 30th each year, and some terms, conditions, policies and guidelines may apply.

In order to request a Rating Reclassification, please complete and submit the following FORM.

You will be contacted by email once your submitted Request has been reviewed and considered by the Committee.

Due to the large volume of Requests, please allow 1-2 weeks for a decision. 

How to Register

Registration for the Super Series and all Events will open this year on February 12th at 10:00 am!


2019 Final Standings